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Starpath Navigation Workbook


[1] If you do not have the full Starpath Online course materials:

Download High Resolution 18465Tr electronic chart for use with Memory-Map Navigator
This custom made echart only works with the Memory-Map Navigator echart viewer. If you do not have our course materials, you can store this chart anywhere and use it as needed. This is a zipped file. Must be unzipped after installation. Then use MM Map List update to find it and activate it in your program.


[2] Starpath Students upgrading to this version (course purchased before Aug 1, 2012):

To get this new chart into the right place so it opens seamlessly with the others, it is best to simply download all of the course materials and simply install them again. This should take just a few minutes. This will not require any new registrations. You will need your materials serial number that begins with 1703-. If you have misplaced that, give us a call and we will look it up. We have also updated Chart No. 1 in this version.
Download Inland Navigation Course materials.


Other Aids to those using the Navigation Workbook

Purchase 18465tr printed chart

Online course on Inland and Coastal Navigation

Read discussion of navigation problems (You need a webcard to participate, but anyone can read this public discussion. Students use a different discussion forum, which is more detailed.)

Purchase Inland and Coastal Navigation textbook

Nautical chart catalogs. We have several exercises on the use of chart catalogs. It is always valuable to have one on board, in part because it makes an excellent graphic index to the charts you have. Just highlight the boundaries of the charts you have in the catalog. The Workbook purchase itself does not include a catalog (we do provide them with the full course purchase) but printed catalogs are available at no charge from any official chart dealer.

To obtain a catalog for working the exercises, you can download or view online a graphic version at this link: NOAA nautical chart catalogs. We use Catalog No. 2, Pacific Coast, for the Workbook exercises.


Remember you can get all US echarts at no charge from NOAA at this link