Fibre tip barograph pens
(2 pens is 1 year supply)
Vacuum packed for longer shelf life.
Model F51079A-01R

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Fischer Precision Barograph Charts

Chart paper size 3 5/8" x 11 7/8" (92 mm x 302 mm)

950 mb to 1060 mb over 3 1/8" (80 mm), centered at 1010 mb.

High elevation charts (centered at 990 mb) available for weekly rotation

All Barograph Charts are available from Ambient Weather

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100 sheets
Daily rotation (25.6h)
0600h to 0736h

item# 210T

60 sheets
Weekly rotation (176h)
04h Mon to 12h Mon

item# 210W (in Mb)

item# 210W-IN (in Inches Hg)

13 sheets
Monthly rotation (783h)
00h day1 to 15h day32

item# 210M (in Mb)

item# 210M-IN (in Inches Hg)

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