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“Among all the books in print on modern celestial navigation, including mine, this one is far and away the most comprehensive, more so than even the classic tomes–Bowditch’s American Practical Navigator and Dutton’s Navigation & Piloting. It is rich in graphics, detailed in explanation, extensive in examples. At logical points, there are quizzes to let you track your progress.”
—Hewitt Schlereth, Author of Celestial Navigation in a Nutshell, teaches celestial navigation at the Maritime Institute in San Diego, CA.

What students have told us about our textbooks on
Coastal Navigation
and Celestial Navigation

This is fun. Well written text: easy to read! I'm learning. Thanks. — Tom Maloney, 01/12

"I enjoy the course, and your text is among the best I've seen." —Bill Fallin

You book is well written ... is clear for beginner sailors and a good review for advanced sailors. ... great work! — Myles Jans, Belgium

"Your books... are spectacular. —David O'Neal, San Francisco, CA

"Your text book is good. You start basic and build. You do as much teaching in your illustrations as you do in the text. They are easy to understand." —Tom, 12/11

"A tremendous amount of information." —Captain Roger Buenzow, Master Mariner

"Step by step approach to understanding and practicing Celestial Navigation, that I truly enjoyed studying. —G.D., Califon, NJ 12/08

"The course book and the supporting study materials were excellent and made it easy to understand and master the subject matter. —Bernd Ehrhardt, Fruita, CO, 01/08

"Very informative and well written." — Lakota, 12/09

"The book is so much more clear than the government text that was included as a reference. Great job! I will be looking into using some of your other class materials in my own teaching. Thanks." —Capt Charles Koucky, Pine Island, FL, 6/07

"Very well written and easily understandable. As a bonus, your books Celestial Navigation, The Star Finder Book and Emergency Navigation made me interested in astronomy. — Per Tumlin, Sweden

"One of the other things I liked about the course is the use of humor throughout the book. It makes the course more fun. — Trudy, 05/10