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You may find it helpful to print this page for reference

What to do after you purchase a course
The course purchase includes printed materials and electronic materials. The printed materials will be shipped to you on the day your order is processed and it will take a few days to get to you depending on the shipping option you chose.

You can, however, start on the course immediately if you choose to, taking advantage of the electronic materials, which include ebooks and software. These products can be downloaded and installed immediately for you to use.

At the time of purchase you will receive one, two, or three serial numbers depending on the course. (Weather takes just one, Radar takes three, all others take two.)

The required serial numbers are given to you two ways. First they appear (in red) on the screen just after your purchase is approved. They are also emailed to you at the email address you used when purchasing the courses. If you do not get that email, it means either the input email address was incorrect, or the return mail has been captured in your junk mail folder. (We also send a copy to ourselves as a back up if your numbers should be misplaced.)

Part 1. Enroll for the online course
Go to This link is also on our home page.

NEW STUDENTS should select "Enroll in an Online Course."

Once you have completed the registration, please check your email to get your temporary password.

Then return to the Login page, but this time choose to enter the online course of your choice from the CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS section.
You will need to type in your username and password at this stage in step (2) and (3).

You are now enrolled in the course.

Part 2. Download and install the materials

Mac and Windows instructions are different.

Windows users go to and select your course, enter the asked for s/n and download the install package. You can save to your desktop or to your standard downloads folder. Please note where it is being downloaded.

When the download is complete, install the program. You will need to enter the s/n again, and at some point it will take you to our server so you can register the software. Instructions are provided in the process. The course software can be registered on a maximum of three computers.

After your course materials are installed on your computer you will have an icon (round and largely blue) with your course name under it. That icon opens the index to your course materials.

Mac users download the course ebooks from, and then install them in your choice of device (iOS, Android, Mac, or PC). Use the promocodes provided in the form 500x-PROMOCODE. For more specific instructions, see Starpath ebook instructions. Weather course students using a Mac should see these additional instructions.

You will have then completed the process. For more info see the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS.

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