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Bowditch - American Practical Navigator
Atlas of Pilot Charts
Chart No. 1
Distances Between Ports
International Code of Signals
NGA List of Lights
Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual
Radio Navigational Aids
Sailing Directions En route
Sailing Directions Planning Guides
Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation (Pub 249)
Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation (Pub 229)
USCG Light List
World Port Index
chart of world magnetic variation
book on compass corrections

NGA Nav Pubs

They keep changing this link.

Last time we looked (6/26/10) this goes direct to pub list (then choose Select), other times you have to to press "Publications" first.

Our original direct link no longer works.

Coast Pilots for US Waters

Free Raster echarts (RNC, BBS format) for all US waters

Free Vector echarts (ENC, S57 format) for all US waters

Marine Weather Services Charts
(Printed versions available at Starpath MSC page)

Chart No. 1 with single document option. NGA has only parts

Collection of old navigation books compiled by Frank Reed

Learn about wwv and wwvh + phone numbers for GMT

NIMA Navigation Calculators expanded and modified by Starpath

Bowditch Tables for Vertical Sextant Angle Measurements
(calculators are available in the link above)

Navigation Rules ebooks and resources
(see bottom of linked page)

Worldwide magnetic variation chart 2010, high res

Also see Geomag, software program for accurate magnetic variation

Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment

• Work Forms for the Stark Tables for clearing lunar distances
• Steven Wepster's Precomputed Lunar Distance Tables (Annual, by month)
• Frank Reed's Precomputed Lunar Distance Tables (user designed)

Custom link to RNC and ENC downloads. Also check out the useful table we made on the names. ENC_from_RNC.pdf
Direct link to celestial navigator's dream page
2013 Nautical Almanac download. This is a computation, not copy of the official book. It should match the data, but you should spot check it to be sure. There is similar data at navsoft.com, but theirs cannot be printed, this one can be.
Nautical almanac Increments and Corrections valid for any year, from navsoft, but we have our own compilation of this in our online resources if this one goes missing. Ours is images of actual NA, theirs is nicer looking pdf.

Logbook (135 kb pdf) for recording required inspections, drills, and other data.
For an actual Navigation logbook see our Sailors Logbook

This link is not consistent with the others, it is also in our marine weather links, but it is too important and it seems maybe too over looked, so we have to stress it whenever we can. We have this archived, so if the link goes missing, let us know. Tropical storm safety and the Mariner's 1-2-3 Rule
Since we are not being consistent, here is a nice link from our weather resources PAC NW and Inside Passage Weather

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