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…the beginner's best bet and the professional navigator's first choice for learning and reviewing the Rules of the Nautical Road. NavRules includes the entire database of USCG rules questions with specific rule references in the answers, plus training resources developed by navigation schools with decades of teaching experience and thousands of graduates. Monitor your progress by rule and subject matter and use flash card mode for learning lights and other diagrams.


iPhone, iTouch, iPad (Universal app)

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Customer Reviews from the App Store

Great way to study e  
by msturg

Great interface with the rules. Learn the rules, test and retest until you get it right. Aced my rules exam (100%) thanks to this app.

Great!!!!!!  e    
by TammyGaleX

If you are getting ready to test or upgrade its great to see how far you are off. Having it on the phone and can do a few questions whenever I have a couple of minutes is awesome. Better then carrying a big or small computer around with disks. In a week have already brought my score up big time. I highly recommend!!!!

Totally Amazing e    
by Donald Newton

Best App ever! I used this to study for my test and ended up getting a 100% on it. The question pool are literally questions from the exams. The pictures are how you would see it on the exam too. I think what was most useful was when you got a question wrong it would site the exact part in the rules book where the answer is. Absolutely worth the money. Absolutely.

Bottom part of the Begin Page and New Test page view in iPhone


iPhone views of Review or Continue Test page and A question reviewed with link
to the related rule


Page seen after pressing Part C on the Begin page and Text of a rule


iPad view of practice quiz, filtering on Part B, Section I (differenent from above filter on all of Part B). In iPad diagrams show automatically; in iPhone push a button to see the diagram.


iPad question review by Rule number with auto show of diagrams.


Sample of lights pictures, linked to related rule and Sample diagram


Sample diagrams in iphone view

Interactive index to support documents and Working definitions of terms not in the Nav Rules

Interactive index to the list of demarcation lines. Tap a region to see the lines

Free Resources for those studying the Nav Rules
created by Starpath and donated to the maritime community

Annotated Rules Contents Includes brief description of what each Rule covers. This info is not in the official Contents, which is just Rule number and name with no description or subparts.

Canadian Modifications to the Colregs A handy stand alone module that shows all Modifications marked in red.

Official statement of the US Inland Rules From the CFRs as of June 2015. Significant changes were in Aug, 2014.

Quick Study—Steering and Sailing Rules only COLREGS Part B. The 12 short pages that cover "right of way." The main idea is to show that these basics are not long and complex, which we might fear from seeing the whole book of Rules.

New August 2014 edition of the Rules, now called Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook  (check with the USCG Navcen if this does not work. They may rename this link as they find and fix typos)

Typos and updates to August 2014 edition of the Rules  (These errors, published in Nov 2014, persisted in printed copies for about 6 months... best to just buy a new copy as there were other corrections since then.


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