Errata for Hawaii by Sextant


Page 80. DR 0000 on 7/8 is marked with full circle. DR should always be partial circle. Full circle is saved for fixes. Same issuse on page 82, DR 1334 on 7/10.

Page 36.  Problem 27 Answers. The distance from last fix (answer 27d) to Pailolo waypoint is 107.5 nmi, not 175 as listed. (Thanks to Barry in Vicotira, AU for pointing this out.)

Page 38. The speed on these two sights is 7.3 kts not the 7.0 listed in the forms.  This is right everywhere else in the book, and it was used properly in the rfix. Just the form values are wrong.

Pages 76 and 77. DR 0000 on 7/5 is plotted in the incorrect place. Actually should be 46° 55.7'N, 127° 13.7'W, just slightly further down the track. This does not affect any actual navigation.

Page 101.  Wrong Hc labels on Figure A5

Figure A5 shows those four sights, plus two more, the calculated heights (Hc) at the time of the first and last sights. They are the ones incorrectly labeled. Apparently we grabbed the formatted value for the first sight in A4 and pasted that in place twice, with the intention of changing the numbers to the right values later on.

The missing values are Hc of the sun at 15 41 22 UTC, 7/5/82 from 46° 09.3'N, 127° 57.9'W (the DR position at 15 41 22) and 15 47 30 UTC from 46° 8.7'N, 127° 58.1'W (the DR at 15 47 30). The values are 27° 15.4' and 28° 18.7', which should be the two labels replacing the repeated labels of 26° 54.5'. The slope is then 63.3'/6.1m = 10.4'/1m. The vertical scale is 2.4' per interval.

Thanks to Amazon reader Narley for pointing this out.

Here is the new Figure A5 that incorporates these changes.


Page 112.

" still have to assume your position is growing uncertain by about 0.7 nmi every hour. In 14 hours yours position grows uncertain by 1 nmi."  This should be 10 nmi  (an approximation to 0.7 x 14 = 9.8).  Thanks to Rafal O. for pointing this out.


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