NOAA Custom Charts (NCC) — The Future of Paper Charts
References and resouces, compliments of Starpath School of Navigation


Official NOAA docs

NOAA description of the NCC program, with related links

NCC User's Guide

NOAA video on the process

NOAA App v2.0 for making NCC

USCG Local Notices to Mariners Announcements

From the last LMN in 2022 and earlier

Starpath Notes

Start Saying Goodbye to Your Favorite Paper Chart

Starpath Video on the NCC process (we need to make a new one for v2.0)

Printing NCC and related notes

Making Ocean Plotting Charts with the NCC App

Starpath app to create a compass rose to add to an NCC

Notable challenges in ver 1.2, with fixes made in ver. 2.0

Sample NCC charts

• Mats Mats to Point Hudson, WA, ver 2.0 (not made yet)

Squim Bay, WA, ver 2.0

Pailolo Channel, HI, ver 2.0

• Waters off of Shilshole Bay Marina

• First pass at an 18465 Tr counterpart

• First pass at a 1210 Tr counterpart