Note on Blog display

We are using a blog template and service provided by Google, so they set the rules.

Google has discontinued the support of IE8, which is the latest IE browser that works on Windows XP. Unfortunately, the implications of this are subtle and important.

This only applies to Win XP users who happen to be using MS Internet Explorer. (V8 is the latest, but it applies to all earlier versions as well.)

If you are using that combination, then you will often see only the first page of a longer blog post, thus much if not most of the content will be missing... again with no warning or indication of this. Also it can happen that as you click around on the blog page, you will lose the side bar of options on the right. In short, there are unpredictable and unannounced errors that will occur.

The solution for Win XP users is to choose a different browser for your blogspot surfing. Firefox, google chrome, or safari work fine.

Note that this in principle applies to Mac users running IE8, but that is unlikely since IE8 is not the latest version of IE. It is just the latest that will run on XP. If you are on Win 7 or Vista or win 8, then the new versions of IE beyond 8 work fine.

To learn more of this, do a google search on "google support of IE 8."

— Starpath