Bosun's Locker

Bosun’s Locker is a place for secondhand sales and other specials on navigation books and equipment. If you have items you think might be appropriate for selling here, please contact starpath for the details. 800-955-8328 or
1133 Free Nautical Almanacs for training $0.00    
1235 Inland and Coastal Navigation, Second Edition, 1st Printing $9.99    
1208 Tidal Currents of Puget Sound $5.00    
1225 Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, 4th Edition (Falcon Guide) $7.95    
1226 U.S. Coast Survey vs. Naval Hydrographic Office $10.00     Buy Now
1239 Weather Workbook $10.00    
1240 Stark Tables for Cleaning the Lunar Distance $20.00     Buy Now
1241 Stark Tables for Clearing the Lunar Distance $15.00     Buy Now
1238 New Davis Mk15 $150.00     Sold
1145 One-handed Dividers $25.00     Sold
1237 Weems & Plath Expanding Square SAR Course Identifier #113 $20.00     Buy Now