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Bosun’s Locker is a place for secondhand sales and other specials on navigation books and equipment. If you have items you think might be appropriate for selling here, please contact starpath for the details. 800-955-8328 or [email protected]
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This is an out-dated Nautical Almanac (with no front cover), not good for navigation of moon and planets, but in fact stars and sun can be used with a few special corrections explained in the book.

We have several copies that are useful to students learning cel nav, to get a feel for the organization, font size, etc of the real book.

Note that the NAO sight reduction tables included in each almanac do not go out of date... you could cut them out and use for practice in sight reduction. The altitude corrections as well as increments and corrections part could also be used this way. Planets and Polaris almanac data not useable for other years.

[These are from stock we did not sell, and we have to return only the front cover to the publisher for credit.]

Since they do weigh 1.5 pounds, this is best added to an existing order to reduce shipping.
Nautical Almanacs available at no charge but shipping

Nautical Almanacs available at no charge but shipping

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