Sight Reduction and Precomputation

Computes Altitude (Hc) and Azimuth Angle (Z) given Local hour angle (LHA), Latitude (Lat), and Declination (Dec).

To get true Azimuth (Zn) apply standard rules:

N. Lat: LHA >180, Zn = Z and LHA <180, Zn = 360 - Z

S. Lat: LHA >180, Zn = 180 - Z and LHA <180, Zn = 180 + Z

Latitude (Lat):
(degrees) Same name as declination
(minutes) Contrary name as declination

Declination (Dec):

Local Hour Angle (LHA):

Altitude (Hc): (degrees)

Azimuth Angle (Z): (degrees)