Save batteries, assure accurate output.

M4002 Barometer AC Adapter

Now available from
Input 115 V AC. Output 12 V DC, 500 mA
Custom made for the M4002 electronic barometer
(Digital Marine Barometer II)

$   ...item# 1872ac

The nominal 5 month battery life on the M4002 barometer can be shortened with much use of the alarm function and back lighting options. The alarm options on this device are quite versatile in that you can choose and set the rate of pressure change that will set off the alarm. You can also set an alarm on a specific pressure (we call a "target pressure" in our Modern Marine Weather book) to let you know when you reach a specific pressure for tactical reasons.

If alarms go off when you are not around to shut them off, it can decrease the battery life. Likewise leaving the back lighting or or at high level will shorten the life as well.

But a more compelling issue of battery power is that if the batteries get too low the pressure will not be accurate. This is true of all electronic barometers, not just this one. You might, for example, have as much as a 0.5 mb undetected error in the read out before the LCD is noticeably dim enough to warm you of a low battery. At lower battery levels the error could be larger.

You can overcome all of these potential uncertainties with this 12v adapter that we custom make for this unit. To our knowledge, there is no stock 12v adapter with the right connector and power supply for this device. The adapters are made with the highest quality components and control.

The M4002 electronic barometer is the best buy for accuracy and functionality on the market, by far, worldwide. This charger makes it even better.

DC Leads and Connectors are also available.


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