The mariner's favorite for more than 30 years

Hockey Puck Bearing Compass

3.2" diameter; 1.1" tall.
The original 'hockey puck' compass

Durable and accurate. This has been the top of the line
in hand-held compasses for 30 years.

3 year warranty.
Waterproof, floats with lanyard attached.

$119.00   ...item# HP2

Known since the 80s as the "hockey puck" due to its shape and size. It is one of the best hand bearing compasses in the world — small enough to slip into a pocket, light enough to hang by its neck strap and not distract. It has an internal phosphorous light source for night use. A rubber guard protects both the compass and the user.

An exceptional damping system allows the card to swing smoothly and positively without wild fluctuations and overshooting, and stop at the bearing point almost immediately. Make this comparison to see the value of this device: take a bearing to the north, then turn sharply and take a bearing to the west. Compare how well this one behaves compared to other instruments costing less and costing more.

Use in piloting for bearing fixes and danger bearings. Also for quick check of the steering compass as needed.

Also a high-quality hand bearing compass plays a key role in evaluating risk of collision, as explained in the official Navigation Rules, Rule 7 d(i). Notice the word is "shall" not "may." You must take into account the compass bearing of an approaching target when evaluating risk of collision. This is a little-known non-option. Racing sailors use these hockey puck compasses routinely to evaluate crossing situations and right of way. You can use your eye and distant landmarks for a guess, but an actual bearing is best because if you turn just a bit, the background changes on you, whereas the compass bearing to the bow of the target does not.

This unique design is used by looking into the compass and over it at the same time. This process of focusing takes a few minutes to learn since the eye does not naturally focus at two lengths, but it comes quickly, and then this is a fast and accurate means of reading bearings to within ±1°.

There is also an optional window to look down on the device to read a bearing, in addition to looking across it. In this mode it could be used as a portable steering compass for dinghy trips.

We have used a compass like this for 30 years and it still functions beautifully. What is inside the housing is the same as it has been over all these years—although some years ago they changed the internal lighting to a modern photoluminescent system, because the earliest ones included a tritium gas cell phosphor design that is no longer environmentally allowed.

Ideal for photographers who need to pinpoint a location on the horizon. Read here our notes on Finding the Direction of Sunrise and Sunset.

Waterproof, floats with lanyard attached. The flotation is a result of the lanyard, not the compass itself. Can also be read from the top view. Click these pics to zoom in.


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