Star Names and Their Meanings ebook
by Richard Hinckley Allen

Only available from Starpath as an ebook.

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An informative, non-technical venture into the extensive heritage of folklore and history associated with the heavenly bodies. Based upon years of research into the observations and astronomical literature of the ancient Chinese, Arabic, Euphrates, Hellenic, and Roman civilizations. This is a classic Victorian text, originally printed in 1899.

If a star has a proper name and most stars as bright or brighter than Little Dipper stars do have a name then this book will tell you all about that name and its history in all languages that refer to it. If you are looking for a boat name and want to be sure the name means what you think it does, check this book!

This book is also the best we have seen for telling of the mythology associated with each of the constellations. The book is organized by constellation, telling first of the group itself then of each of its member stars.

Note there are tons of copies of this book in print at used bookstores (see many for not more than the cost of shipping, but there remains still a great virtue to the ebook. This is a very long, small print text, which is indexed in several headings, but still not easy to find what you may want, or to find all cross references, and so on. We have had several scholars buy the ebook, already owning the print book just so they could search and bookmark and annotate the various cross references. It is an ideal example to show off the power of our Search And Find All function in the Starpath Elibra Reader. You get the word before and 10 words after each word or phrase you search for.

NEW! We have just learned that the full text of this book is now online, put there by a classics professor who recognizes its great value. However, our notes on the value of our ebook edition above remain true. For a quick question, this online version may meet your needs, but for research and finding all references the search function of our elibra edition cannot be matched.


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