Brain Teasers for Navigators

Portneys Ponderables
by Joe Portney

ISBN 9780914025191
8" x 5" paperback, 155 pages, many illustrations.

$9.95   ...item# 1853

Navigation puzzles, controversies, historical problems, and other ponderables demystified by an expert navigator and writer. Joe Portney is a US Naval Academy graduate and Air Force navigator who has participated in three historic flights over the North Pole. He is a past President of the Institute of Navigation and recipient of the Weems Award for continuing contributions to the art and science of navigation.

He has produced a wonderful little book here, chock filled with interesting tidbits, each of which can be read in a few minutes but will stimulate your thought for many days to come. Some are very basic, others more involved, but he provides a clear explanation of each. Some refer to math computations that we might not all be familiar with, but this is not a distraction from the main points being made even in these few cases.

A great gift for your favorite navigator, including yourself!


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