Free Windows ebooks with Selected Starpath Online Purchases

Several printed books and other products purchased from the Starpath web site include a serial number that allows you to download a free Windows PC ebook in the Starpath elibra format. This is a bonus gift; it is not part of your purchase and they do not come with the purchases made at other outlets. These ebooks can be read on any computer or tablet running a Microsoft operating system (XP, Vista, Win7, or Win8).

ebooks are a convenient supplement to the printed materials. They can be fully searched, bookmarked, highlighted, and annotated. When traveling, they provide a way to carry on with your study without transporting heavy books. You can read about our elibra ebook program at, which includes sample ebooks. We also produce our ebooks in other formats (pdf, Kindle, iBooks. see These other formats must be purchased from the links provided. We cannot even sell them, let alone give them away!

Your free serial number is shown on the screen and emailed to you at the time of purchase completion. With that number you can return to this page to download the ebook reader and then the ebook itself. The ebooks must then be registered one time before they will open. They are limited to three registrations.

Summary of the procedure:

(1) Download and install the free elibra reader from the link below.

(2) Download the book from the list below using the indicated serial numbe and save to a place to you can find on your computer.

(3) Go to the downloaded book file and double click it. That will open it and ask for a registration. Step 1 in the registation explains the procedrue. After that the book will open automatically.

First download the Free Elibra Reader and install it (takes just seconds)
Click an ebook title below to download it
Serial number prefix

Introduction to Electronic Chart Navigation


Modern Marine Weather, 3rd ed.


The Barometer Handbook


Celestial Navigation


Inland and Coastal Navigation, 2nd ed.


The Star Finder Book


Radar for Mariners, rev. ed.


Tidal Currents of Puget Sound


Secrets of the Viking Navigators


Navigation Workbook 18465 Tr


Navigation Workbook 1210 Tr


Navigation Workbook for Practice Underway


How to Use Plastic Sextants


Annotated Navigation Rules


GPS Backup with a Mark 3 Sextant


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