Course Completion Gift

After completing the last regular quiz in each of our online courses (not counting optional quizzes or certification), you should get a reminder to check this page. It asks for your feedback on the course and offers you the option to choose a thank you gift from us.

Good day,

Congratulations on completion of the online course. Needless to say, even though this course is over, you are still welcome to contact us at any time if questions on navigation or weather might arise. We are standing by to help in any way we can.

If you will please take a few moments to tell us your thoughts on the course, what you liked, what could be improved (and how), and general evaluation, we would be happy to offer you a small token of our appreciation of your time and participation. Our goal is to improve the course as best we can and also to share your evaluation with others who might be considering taking part.

Please send us your comments ( along with your selection from the following list. We will then send you a complimentary serial number that you can use to download and register the product.

The only ebooks we can give away as a gift are our own Elibra editions.
All other ebook editions have distribution restrictions that prevent this.

(1) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of Emergency Navigation.

(2) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of a compilation of rare reference books on Sea State Forecasting.

(3) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of Radar for Mariners.

(4) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of Modern Marine Weather.

(5) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of The Barometer Handbook.

(6) Elibra ebook (windows only) copy of Introduction to Electronic Chart Navigation.

(7) $25 discount on your next Starpath Online Course. For this option we ask that you place your order by phone (800 955 8328).

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Thanks again for taking part in our online courses.

Best regards,

David Burch, director