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Order page for Course Certifications

Please select from the list below the type of certification you would like along with the delivery option you wish. Usually these are purchased after you have completed the course training, but they can be purchased ahead of time if that is more convenient. See our Certification Notes for details.

Step 1. Purchase the certification of choice from the list below. You will be emailed the instructions and required serial numbers for taking the test.

Step 2. Choose your delivery option. You can have the certificate emailed to you as a high-resolution pdf at no charge, which you can print yourself if you choose. This is the default method, unless you add a shipping option. Or you can select to have us print it on certificate paper and mail that to you. The default email option for the certificate includes replicas of the logbook stickers that can be cut out and pasted into a logbook.

All Starpath certifications are individually numbered, recorded, and permanently stored at Starpath, so the digital record with emailed pdf certificate is just as safe and valid as the printed one.





Celestial Navigation

item 3001    $30.00

Marine Weather

item 3006    $30.00

Marine RADAR

item 3005    $30.00

Inland and Coastal Navigation

item 3002    $30.00

Print and Domestic Shipping

item 3003    $8.00

Print and International Shipping

item 3004    $34.00

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