Errata for
Celestial Navigation
: A complete Home Study Course, 2nd edition

Most of these have been corrected in later printings, but we leave this here for those with older books.


Page 1 refers to a "Calendar Section" of our website. That calendar no longer exists.


Figure 3.1-1, Jun 21 and Dec 21 are reversed. Dec 21 should be on the left (directly above, SH) and Jun 21 on the right (directly above, NH). The plot below is correct.


Third paragraph of Section 3.5, sentence should read, "Then figure your latitude from the reasoning given in the last section, which is always the sum or difference between z and Dec."


isosceles triangle should be equilateral triangle


Figure 5.3-9. The course used in this plot is just an example of what it might be. It was not mentioned earlier.  We will change the caption to read: 

Figure 5.3-9 Plotting the LOP for Sun Sight #1 on the same sheet that we plot the DR track, which we would have learned from logbook records (not cov efred here) was course 056. The label AP (assumed position) is a-Lat, a-Lon. We know from this one sun sight that we are somewhere on that line, but we must be careful to go beyond that.


Left column, second-to-last paragraph, Figure 6.2-3 should read Figure 6.2-2


Ex. 6-6 in the Box 6 a-Lon values should be labeled E not W

Terminology, change retarded to retired. The latter is far more common.

In Example 2 on the bottom, change HE from 14 ft to 12 ft.


Moon-sun running fix. If hyou check the DRT locations, you will see these sights are actually over land, mountainz even. You can just imagine then as being all over water, and just work then as is for practive (their original goal), or convert them to actual land sights using a bubble sextant. Read about this option at:;f=16;t=000389


Figure 11.9-1, caption should read: Finding the midpoint of an LAN curve for longitude. An example of a real LAN data curve is shown in Figure 3.2-5


Plot for exercise 8.6, fix should read 45° 25' S, not 44°.


9.9 Moon #4 work form. Additional altitudue correction would be best interpolated to 1.5' rather than the 1.6' shown. No practical effect, but worth doing properly.


Table Selections contents, T-26 is used for Exercise 5.8, not 5.7



Figure 8.2-1. Box 3, d correction should read -0.3, not -.03

104, 237, & 238.

Log reading for Moon #2 should be 851.0 and not 852.0


March 19 Declination should be S 00-40, not N. Sept 25 should be S 00-45, not N. Thanks to Lance Cowled for spotting this and telling us.


13, 14,185.

Box Symbol should be an arrow.


Sight 5, Check SD should be 16.1, like all the others.


Table reference for 11.4 #3 should be T-16, not T-20    


Right hand column, A-Lon is 139 not 39, likewise 140 not 40.


Answers to 4.3, question 6 should be: (6a) 316° (6b) 136° (6c) 160° (6d) 024°