What others say about the Star Finder Book...

"...Many of the most enduring works on celestial navigation make only brief references to the use of the Star Finder, and some do not address it at all. (this book) devotes more page space to the subject that any four or five of the well known works combined.

...a detailed yet readable discussion of all applications of the Star Finder... there is a particularly good section on day-time sights of the Moon and Venus.

...throughout Burch draws useful comparisons among Star Finder procedures and those used in connection with Pub 249, Vol. I and other tabular methods of identifying celestial bodies.

It is a worthy addition to the shipboard library of even the smallest vessel. It is a valuable guide for those who would learn the use of the Star Finder for the first time, and it will expand the understanding and insights of many who are already familiar with the 2102-D."

— Roger Jones
The Navigation Foundation, Newsletter, Vol. 12

"Every serious student of celestial navigation knows about the 2102-D Star Finder.... (yet) standard texts on navigation make only brief mention of its basic functions. Thus there was a need to learn the numerous other valuable ways this device can be employed... which prompted the appearance of this book.

...covers all the standard uses plus many that do not ordinarily come to mind.

Burch's experience in teaching navigation has given him a background for clarity of expression in a publication that is well documented with numerous examples and illustrations. The booklet should be equally useful to the experienced navigator as well as to the novice."

— R/C George A. Richardson, N
Chairman, Navigation Committee, U.S.P.S.
The Ensign, Sept, 1986

"Before taking “at sea” celestial navigation training I decided to do the book learning on my own. I bought half a dozen intro and intermediate texts on the subject. It’s not an entirely simple subject. On the average the texts were poor in my opinion. It made it more of a puzzle to be solved. Each author’s book had a unique gem or two. With a lot of determination I learned the basics. It became apparent early on that the 2102-D was an essential tool. The instructions on the case leave a lot to be desired. So I stumbled on the “Star Finder Book” by Dr. David Burch. I give it my “Best Book” award; not least poor, this book is good. It’s honestly going to take you more than 8 hours to digest, but this book is worth pouring over. It’s thought provoking and goes beyond the star finder clarifying important celestial principals. It bridges theory with good navigation practices. If you get it and use it as Dr. Burch describes, you are a practicing offshore navigator, no longer a beginner."

— Captain William J. Lutz; JIIBAY NA NOODIN
May, 2004