Seattle, WA   December , Number 0

only available as an ebook

Starpath Annotated NavRulesis now available to the public. This is a valuable aid to those who sail in both US Inland and International waters.

We have long had an inexpensive ebook of this, but now it is a free online pub. It is mostly the fine work of Starpath friend Dan Cline.


Quick Scat satellite winds and GRIB formatted weather maps are two of the top new sources available these days.
Online Weather Course on the Move

We have been much expanding and organizing our online marine weather course in preparation for an exciting announcement about it, coming soon. It is available at a bargain tuition these days, and it is essentially in final form. You can start work any time. See We also just added a note on a few more reasons you might want to take this course.


MSC 1, Eastport, ME to Montauk, NY
Printed Marine Weather Service Charts Now Available.

Lists all sources of marine weather for the region covered, including frequencies, schedules, and product descriptions, along with graphic definitions of the forecast regions needed to interpret wireless broadcasts. A must have product for all mariners who care about the weather, but these printed editions are not available in many chandleries. See Printed MSC charts.


Compilation of celestial navigation articles

Starpath School of Navigation in its role as editor of the Newsletter of the The Foundation for the Promotion of the Art of Navigation is pleased to announce that the complete set of 286 articles on the subject of celestial navigation that were published in the Journal of the Institude of Navigation between 1946 and 2002 is now available on a single CD at the modest cost of $25 from the Institute of Navigation at Work on the selection and preparation of the articles, along with the CD production, has been donated by the Navigation Foundation in keeping with its goal of promoting the history, science, and practice of celestial navigation and related topics. You can view the complete list of articles at the Navigation Foundation website.


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