Seattle, WA   December 15, 2000Number 11

Great New Topo Map Site

Seattle, December, 2000 We have just found a wonderful resource that has been online for some time, but we did not know it. Presents all US topographic maps in fine detail and they can be printed as well. Read about their project here which puts you into the site as well. A big thanks from Starpath to Maps a la carte, Inc. for this fine work. A similar service has been presented by which also includes searchable views of nautical charts -- both serve as a visual catalogs for digital products they sell.


Starpath Cel Nav Course in Bellingham

Seattle, Nov 22, 2000 — Starpath School of Navigation is pleased to acknowledge our collaboration with the Bellingham Yacht Club and San Juan Sailing in presenting our regular celestial navigation course in Bellingham this year. It will run concurrently in times and schedule with our Seattle course. The course will be taught by Will Lesh, a long time Starpath Cel Nav instructor until he moved to Bellingham. His courses here were always very popular. He has a wonderful presentation and a vast amount of experience underway to rely on. Classes will meet at the Bellingham Yacht Club. Please see notes on the Bellingham class here. Please register for either course with the Starpath Office.


Portney's Ponderables
Mind candy for navigators

Seattle, Oct 4, 2000 — We have a great new book in stock called Portney's Ponderables. A wonderful collection of interesting navigation questions and solutions from all fields of navigation. Treat yourself or a friend to a few ponderables, to keep the mind on its toes...


Online delivery now available

Seattle, Sept 8, 2000 We now have electronic download delivery of several products. Access this option via the electronic delivery page. This is a good way to get quick delivery of Starpath products and also save shipping charges. There is also a price reduction on these options to reflect our savings in packaging and handling. All products include a regular serial number and are fully supported and can be up-graded when new versions become available.


Boat Show Season Begins...

Seattle, Sept 11, 2000 — Next week starts the regular season of boat shows around the country with the Newport RI show. Please check the Boat Show schedule for a nearby opportunity to see Starpath products first hand.


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