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Newsletter back on the air!

Seattle, Oct 20, 2001 — We finally have the newsletter back on the air. We apologize for the delay. As you will see below, the school is growing and we have been busy. We now have 3 new products online and will shortly have even more news about our products and services.


Radar Trainer 3
All new Radar Trainer 3 now available

Seattle, Oct 20, 2001 The all new Radar Trainer 3 program has been online since September. It now includes realistic land mass simulation as well as a much expanded tutorial. Now you can practice driving into a difficult harbor by radar alone and if it does not work out, just press "Repeat" and try again. You will not have to go to the boat yard. Upgrades from ver 2 are available. If you just purchased ver 2 and did not know about 3, please call us for a new customer special upgrade offer.


StarPilot-PC now available

Seattle, Oct 20, 2001 Our popular StarPilot program for TI-86, 89 and 92+ calculators is now available for the PC. For a long time we advertised the calculator versions as even better than any existing PC program, but we cannot say that any longer. For those who own a calculator version, the addition of the PC version is offered at a 30% discount. Call us for details. See StarPilot-PC.


Nav Rules Plus!
Nav Rules Plus! available next month

Seattle, Oct 20, 2001 Nav Rules Plus! will soon become the definitive tool for mastering the "Rules of the Road" as well as a great resource for anyone preparing for a USCG exam. A bonus of that product is the complete set of USCG exam questions for all deck licenses, fully searchable. The demo tour is online now and the product will be launched at the Work Boat Show in New Orleans, at the end of November.


Starpath Weather Resources
Weather Resources Expanded

Seattle, Oct 20, 2001 We have updated all files in the Starpath Weather Resources CD and added to it a complete searchable copy of Publication 117, Radio Navigation Aids. This massive reference book is an invaluable resource for world cruisers. See Weather Resources. In the near future we will be adding a section online that will allow owners of this product to update individual sections on their own.


DoD Releases Updated GPS Standard

Washington, DC, Oct 28, 2001 The Department of Defense today released a new Global Positioning System (GPS) performance standard. The new standard is a 66 page pdf document, about 2 MB in size. See New GPS Standards. [Note that most of this info is more technical than most mariners care for.] The standard also moves some [even more] technical specifications to a supporting document, ICD-GPS-200, on the Web. DoD, as operator of the GPS, now provides civil users a horizontal positioning accuracy of 36 meters, compared to 100-meter accuracy in the previous edition of the standard, which was published in 1995. DoD also promises to notify the civil user community whenever serious or unforeseen problems could affect the new performance level.

Future improvements to the system are projected to include new civil codes to correct for ionospheric distortion and to assure continuity of service. The new services will be deployed with satellite launches scheduled between 2003 and 2012, with full operational capability expected in 2014.



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