Seattle, WA   December 15, 2003Number 16

Emergency Navigation out of print

After 20 years this book has finally gone out of print with its original publisher. In all those years, we have not found anything in it that was wrong, nor have we learned of anything that should be in it that is not with perhaps one exception. After working with Leif Karlsen on his book on Viking Navigation, it appears there may well be a way to find the direction to the sun using a lens from a pair of polarized sunglasses. This would act like a Viking sunstone, and let us find sun directions when it is below the horizon or obscured by clouds. We are working on that and hope to have a new printing available around Sept, 04. Send us an email if you want to be put on the waiting list.


Sept, 04 Onboard training cruise

We have completed the 2004 northbound trips and they were a great success. We will have new pictures and student reviews online shortly. As of June 20, we still have room in both southbound trips in Sept. See the Courses Index page for more details.


New deals on TI-89 calculators

TI has come out with a new version of the TI-89, with a few more features and more memory. We do not, however, need any of these new features for the StarPilot-89 nav computer program. It has plenty of memory left for all foreseeable additions. Hence it is likely that the traditional TI-89 models might start appearing on ebay and elsewhere at very good prices.

Thus one has the opportunity to pick up one of these and then just purchase the downloaded version of the StarPilot, install it yourself and end up with a very economical solution to your navigation computations. Or buy one and send it to us, and for $25 plus return shipping we will install the program for you and charge only the download price.


USCG Light Lists now online

For a long time we could only look up specific lights and not get the full light list, but now you can. The link is from the main USCG page in their new format. Light lists online


Menu screen from
NIMA Bowditch CD
Free Interactive Bowditch CD with qualifying orders

We are pleased to offer a free copy of the NIMA interactive Bowditch CD to anyone placing a Starpath order online or by telephone for more than $100. To receive this gift, just add "Please include NIMA CD with my order" to the comments box, which is in the last step of the online order process.

In 2003 the National Imaging and Mapping Agency issued a special bicentennial edition of The American Practical Navigator in both paper and CD format. To our knowledge, the CD has so far only been available with the official NIMA printing of the hardcopy book, which sells for about $75. This CD includes not only the ebook text of the book (some 800 pages) but also a set of navigation computers along with a copy of Chart No. 1, plus some historical information and graphics from NIMA.

You can see what all is included in the text in our Bowditch Plus link, which includes this text, along with many more documents, books, and resources. The 2003 printing of the 2002 edition remains the latest version of this classic navigaiton reference.


elibra ebook program on hold

We have temporarily discontinued making new ebook products until we complete development of a new presentation program. Existing products will continue to function as before, but when the new program is ready, upgrades be available at no charge.


New Email for Starpath

We have had to change our email for general contact from [email protected] to the new

[email protected]

The info address has been completely destroyed by the massive amounts of spam it received because it was posted online for so long. We are afraid if we did not do this we run the risk of losing important mail to us that is buried in the tons of garbarge spam. The new one has a spam filter that seems to work, but it means you will have to confirm your email to us the first time you send one. After that your communications to us will not be interrupted. We apologize for the brief onetime inconvenience this might cause, but we are sure that anyone who has been overwhelmed by spam will understand.

By the way, we do not under any circumstances send unsolicited emails. At present we do not even have a mailing list of those who might want news from Starpath.


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