Seattle, WA   December 15, 1997Number 2

How to read weather maps... now online

Seattle, WA, Dec 11, 1997 — Check out our new section on How to read weather maps. Just another step in our goal to provide mariners with useful online information.

Also check out new and improving Australian Bureau of Meteorology pages, and in particular their section on Guide for Mariners.


Christmas shopping?

Just flip though our online catalog and add items to your wish list by clicking the ORDER NOW button. When you are done you can print the list (select off-line ordering by fax) and then magically leave this list where the right person might find it! (If it's getting late, we can always use rush shipping for one or two day delivery.)


Is GPS so dependable, after all?

Seattle, WA, Dec 5, 1997 — GPS navigators, check out this NOTICE from USCG Navigation Information Center, GPS section. And remember, we still offer courses in Celestial Navigation!


Starpath products for sale online

Seattle, WA, Dec 1, 1997 — We now have the online ordering implemented. All seems to be working well, and it has received a good response. It is very convenient and efficient for all. We have added one new item which is the Navigator's Tool Pack, simply a way to buy the full set of plotting tools we recommend in one order for those who need it.


New Radar School in Seattle

Seattle, WA, Dec 1, 1997 The world renown MITAGS maritime training center near Annapolis, MD has opened a new radar endorsement facility in Seattle, called Pacific NW Radar School. We can heartily recommend these folks, they have been doing this for years, have the best equipment, and are very thorough in their training. Contact Gregg Trunnell, director, for more information at 206-441-2880. They have a web page with full info and schedules at


More new From National Weather Service

Washington, DC, Nov 15, 1997 Check out the Marine Predictions Center pages. These are the folks who make the weather maps broadcast by USCG over HF radiofacsimile. Their web page services are developing rapidly with new materials. For example, they are now preparing winds and wave heights overlaid onto the applicable satellite photo (see under Analysis Products). Very nice. They mark new items with prominent icons.

Note we have updated this link. The MPC changed to the OPC many years ago. This newsletter entry is just a record of how long we have been following them!


New Celestial and Weather links pages

Seattle, WA, Dec 5, 1997 We have updated the presentation of our Pacific NW Marine Weather Links and added explanatory notes. See especially the new convenient layout we have for selecting and downloading weather maps. Also the Celestial Links page is new. Very shortly we will be adding a page, actually section, that teaches how to read weather maps. This will be added to our main Marine Weather page.


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