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Down for some time on Wed July 13

Hello all, with our apologies, our website will be down some hours tomorrow July 13 as we switch to a new server. We do not know precise times yet, but hopefully it will not be more than a couple hours during the mid day of wed.

if you have urgent questions about courses or purchases during this period, please give us a call at 206-783-1414 or 800-955-8328 or our email that is not on our server which will show up when we are down.


David Burch (left) receives award from Dr. Mikel Miller, President of the Institute of Navigation
David Burch named FIN

We are pleased to announce that David Burch, founding director of Starpath School of Navigation, has been elected to Fellow grade in the North American Institute of Navigation for "For sustained contributions to the teaching and practice of marine navigation and the development of innovative training materials used worldwide."

See 2011 ION Fellow awards.


Section of RNC (top) and ENC (bottom)
Shortcut to echarts from NOAA

We have made a shortcut that works for now to go directly to NOAA to download bitmap or raster charts, called RNC for raster navigation charts or for vector charts called ENC for electronic navigation charts. We did this because there are multiple clicks needed to get to the actual charts, and the route to them seems to move around. We will have to wait and see how long this one works.

If you do not already have an echart viewer that will read these, then here is a nice open source (freeware) version.

We teach the use of these charts in our online coastal navigation course.
Unique Celestial Navigation Resource

Starpath is proud to have taken part some time ago, as representative of the Navigation Foundation, in the selection and organization of research papers on celestial navigation that have been published by the Institute of Navigation (ION). The result is a unique collection of articles on celestial navigation and related topics. These are the 279 articles on the subject that have been published in the Journal of the Institute of Navigation, Washington DC, since 1946.

Normally these are only accessible to members or to purchase individually at $25 each for nonmembers. Now you can buy the entire CD of all 279 articles for just $50 directly from the ION. Here is a list of the articles covered. Scan through the list to see what a gold mind this is for those interested celestial navigation. To purchase online, scroll to the bottom of this page at the ION web site.

While you are there, check out their Virtual Museum, which offers a unique place for you to share with others any rare navigation equipment you might have.


Radar Workbook to accompany Radar for Mariners
Radar Workbook Special

W have our radar workbook on special at the moment. That book together with our radar textbook make up a home study course on radar as the workbook is keyed to the text.

The workbook is in the Bosuns locker for $5.95


Vessel hits reef not properly shown on an echart
Caution about commercial echarts

Please see this article from the Australian charting agency warning about some commercial versions of nautical charts.

eChart warning


New Starpath All-units Converter, stand-alone PC App
New free all-units converter now available

We have added a new all units converter as a stand-alone PC app that you can download from our downloads/freeware section.

We hope you find it a convenient way to convert among all units. It also has a way to convert time into various formats.


Chapman School of Seamanship Celestial Courses.

If you are looking for a Celestial Navigation course and can travel to Stuart, Florida, Chapman School of Seamanship offers a fine Celestial course. The course is taught by Steve Miller who also is a moderator in the Starpath Celestial Course Online. Chapman's course uses the Starpath Celestial Course materials. They cover traditional methods as well as StarPilot calculator solutions, with calculators provided.

They also have dormitories and moorage for out of town visitors.
Click here for more details. Their courses are also listed in our calendar.

News from Capt Steve Miller: As I mentioned this afternoon I do have a scheduled Cel Nav course starting on Wednesday 13 Oct 2010 0830-1600. The remaining class days are the 15th Oct, 18th and 20th same hours. Following this I have a scheduled ASA107 course on 21, 22, 23 Oct 2010 same hours. The ASA 107 Final test will be given on 23 Oct 2010. I also offer ‘weather dependent’ a morning at the Beach doing sun sights or an evening at the Beach doing Stars and Planets – pending availability of the Bodies and the weather.

PS – I am going to be doing a day on the water with the Professional Mariner Training (PMT) students on 3 Nov 2010 and that just happens to be prior to the 1st Quarter Moon – I may take my sextants and do some more sights with the MK15 and Tamaya like I did back in August on the same trip and maybe slip in a lunar or two.


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