Seattle, WA   October 15, 1998Number 4

Voyages of Discovery

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Oct 21, 1998 — If you have interest in the history of great Voyages of Discovery, please check out this most excellent site. The work of Andre Engles, a mathematician in the Netherlands. A very thorough set of links and articles about navigation and other matters of discovery. All the historic navigators are there. Many details we wondered about were easy to find in the thorough indexes presented.


Starpath Chart Trainer
Starpath Chart No.1 now shipping

Seattle, WA, Oct 1, 1998 Our new CD-ROM software product Chart Trainer is now available. It is a new and versatile way to learn chart reading or for more experienced navigators to look up special charting conventions and symbols.


Mahina Cruising Seminars

Seattle, WA, Oct 1, 1998 David Burch from Starpath will join with Carol Hasse, Amanda Swan, and Robert Perry in John Neal's Offshore and Coastal Cruising Seminars. These popular 3-day seminars are held in San Francisco and Seattle, beginnning in March of 1999. See Mahina Tiara Sailing Expeditions for more information.


Bowditch Plus!
Bowditch on CD!

Seattle, WA, Dec 1, 1998 — We will soon be publishing a complete copy of Bowditch's American Practical Navigator on CD. Fully illustrated, fully searchable, very slick. This standard reference book on navigation will soon be just a mouse click away.


Starpath becomes US Sailing affiliate

Seattle, WA, Oct 15, 1998 — The national governing body for the sport sailing is the United States Sailing Association, called US Sailing . We have completed the necessary testing and instructor certifications to become an official affiliate of the Association. This means that in addition to our own certificates of course completion, we can now offer the official US Sailing Certifications in navigation, both coastwise and celestial. A proctored written test and a practical test are required. Please give us a call if you might be interested in these extra credentials.


NWS adds back the 96-hr forecast

Washington, DC, Oct 1, 1998 Check out the Marine Predictions Center pages to get latest news on this issue. They had removed this important product from the weather fax products list due to budget cut backs, but have again found support for it. Starpath is proud to have helped them document the value of this service to the necessary funding agencies and they tell us that we did help, as did many others.


Great New Weather Pub from Weather Strategies, Inc.

Peaks Island, ME, Sept, 1998 — If you like NOAA's Mariner's Weather Log, then you will love the new Weather Journal from Michael Carr at Weather Strategies, Inc. (as of late 1999, discontinued). Free trial subscriptions are available. Each edition we have seen includes more and more interesting and valuable information including very specific tips for reading and interpreting weather maps and observations. Weather Strategies Inc. offers private weather consulting and other services for recreational and professional mariners.


New Navigation and Weather links

Seattle, WA, Oct 15, 1998 We have updated the presentation of our Pacific NW Marine Weather Links to include some long term forecast links from University of Hawaii, as well as fixing other NWS links that had moved. Also our Nav Rules page includes a new Navigation Rules page from the USCG. See also new VOS and PMO site from NWS (includes great set of light house photos).


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