Seattle, WA   September 15, 1999Number 7

Don't like the weather?
Now you can do something about it.

Chicago, IL, Sept 23, 1999 —  Sell it!  The Chicago Mercantile Exchange will now let you buy and sell futures in the weather. From now on, somebody's rainy day will be somebody's sunshine. We are clearly in the wrong business. Let's wait and see what this does to access to the NWS web site.


In the Market for a Sextant?

Seattle, Sept, 1999 — It has likely been true for a long time, but we just learned that you can buy used sextants on the Internet. See Just enter "sextant" in their search engine. We have zero experience with this or them, but from our uneducated perspective it seems there are some good bargains there, not to mention some very interesting items, antiques, odd-balls, etc. Plus what looks like fine instruments. This is not an endoresement, just a news item.


New Navigation Rules published by USCG

Washington, DC, Sept, 1999 The long-awaited update to the USCG printing of the Nav Rules is now available. It is called: COMDTINST M16672.2D. Hopefully it has all the typos and errors fixed that we tabulated for the C version.

We have not checked this yet. It is not an easy document to proof read. But we will and will update our notice here accordingly. One sign that is not too good is that the title of the book is printed wrong on the spine of the book itself. The spine says COMDTINST M16672.2C whereas it should end in D. It is labeled correctly on the title page inside. Hence when buying one at a store, you must open it up to check for the latest version thoughtful dealers will correct this by hand. The cover is the same as the old one.


Starpath StarPilot on the launch pad

Seattle, WA, Sept 16, 1999 Looking for a celestial calculator that will do everything you ever dreamed of in celestial navigation... and maybe some more? Check out Starpath StarPilot, available in early November.


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