Seattle, WA   April 15, 2000Number 9

Starpath TrueWind program
now available as a free download

Seattle, Apr 12, 2000 As a public service to mariners and as a way to promote our other products and services, Starpath is happy to provide free of charge a very convenient Windows program that computes true wind from apparent and plots the vector triangles. You can read about it and download all versions here About Starpath True Wind.


New StarPilot version and User's Guide online

Seattle, Mar 10, 2000 Version 1.54 of StarPilot is now available for users to download . The main upgrade is in the lunar distance section which now allows users to input external almanac data for more precise comparisions with tabulated solutions. More important, we have a new User's Guide online (845 kb pdf file) which corrected several typos and better explains some procedures.


"The moon is always lying."

Seattle, Mar 8, 2000 To follow up a discussion that arose in class, please check our celestial navigation discussion for a discussion of this (famous?) French saying about the phase of the moon... and related Celtic goddess symbolism.


Training Pak, Special Pricing

Seattle, Mar 8, 2000 As mentioned last month, we now sell our full set of software as a Training Pak all on one CD an update of what we made for the US Naval Academy. Several past customers liked the idea, but had already purchased one or more of our products. We now have a discount program for those who have parts of our products but want the rest built into this convenient Training Pak format. Please see discount link at the top of the Training Pak page. Just mark the items you already own, then at the bottom click to compute your unique discount price.


Vic-Maui Racing Tactics Seminar

Seattle, Mar 1, 2000 On April 4th at 6:30 PM, David Burch will present a 3-hour seminar on Ocean Racing Tactics at the North Sails loft in Seattle. You can read or print the brochure for this at Vic-Maui Seminar flyer. The primary race covered is the Victoria BC to Maui HI Race, which is run this July. Much of the content will also apply to the Pacific Cup Race which runs about the same time from San Francisco to Kaneohe Bay on Oahu.


Comparison of Celestial Calculators

Seattle, Mar 8, 2000 A detailed comparison of hand-held celestial navigation calculators is now online. Needless to say, we are proud that our StarPilot product compares well with all other models. For those who already own another brand of calculator (HP and Psion, in particular), you can use this data to see which celestial program might be best for you.


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