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Public Discussion of Cel Nav Icon 1 Issues using StarPilot app with iPad Pro by David Burch     (post # 2)
Thank you for your note. We will try to help with this. We did not get the picture you intended, and cannot reproduce the white on white font issue on our iPads.Several points raised here were answered...
Coastal Nav Student Discussion Forum Icon 1 ASA certification explained by David Burch     (post # 1)
Here is a new link explaining the certification process, with a special note to those who have signed up through the ASA or one of its affiliates. www.starpath.com/certification
Cel Nav Student Discussion Forum Icon 1 CN07-0018 by David Burch     (post # 2)
The earlier problem was for a fix when you were not moving. Now that you are moving the fix will be different, and we find that difference by carrying out a running fix.Please search the discussion on...
Cel Nav Student Discussion Forum Icon 1 CN05-0018 by David Burch     (post # 4)
Here is the question:CN05-0018 (wt 5)At 1243 WT 25 Jul 1978 your DR position is 37° 49' N, 45° 23' W.At 12h 42m 45s WT you observe Hs of the LL Sun = 70° 08.6'.WE = 7s fast, ZD = +3, HE = 9ft, IC = 1.0'...
Cel Nav Student Discussion Forum Icon 1 CN08-0005 Planets - Brightness - Visibility during the Day by David Burch     (post # 2)
Use the magnitude listing in the almanac pages or read the magnitude section of the Star Finder Book to learn which are the bright planets, and how their relative brightness compares.
Cel Nav Student Discussion Forum Icon 1 CN07-0009 Latitude from Polaris by David Burch     (post # 6)
It does not matter how you solve this. I would guess that in principle the Polaris tables might be a bit better on the long average on the ± few tenths level, do to the approximations in the NAO SR procedures....

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