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Author Topic: Does your celestial course prepare for USCG cel nav exam?
David Burch

 - posted October 27, 2006 10:55 AM      Profile for David Burch           Edit/Delete Post 
There are no home study courses or online courses from any source that in themselves qualify for the USCG cel nav endorsement.

It is either sit in the classroom at a certified school and take a test at that school upon completion, or study on your own and then take the test at a USCG regional exam center.

If you have such a school within reach (we do not do this) then that might likely be the best approach if it is a possibility. Our focus is on teaching the materials, their focus is rightfully on passing the test.

Our materials help with the latter approach, often chosen so mariners do not need to use up their shore time in the classroom.

we have several products related to prep for USCG cel nav exams. first is our

standard cel nav course

followed by a set of study materials

devoted to the USCG cel nav test.

For these you will need

and for this you will need a copy of the

1981 almanac

In the online part of the cel nav course you can post questions about the USCG problems as they might arise. We can also provide you with online access to numerous practice quizzes on all aspects of the test if one part causes more trouble than others.

The procedure would be to first just purchase and complete the online course or work it as a homestdy underway. it is self contained and you get both with the purchase.

Then when that is done, then buy the almanac and USCG notes. Best to wait on those, however, because if you do not get time to finish the first part the second parts are not useful to you.

If choosing this route, be sure to send us a note about your goals and we will direct you through the cel nav course in the most efficient manner, as there are parts of it you do not need for the USCG test and you may choose to postpone those till you are done.

note you also need a set of Pub 229 for the test. We provide an ebook copy with the materials, but eventually you will want a print copy of vol 3... and you will eventually need a star finder.

From: Starpath, Seattle, WA

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