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Author Topic: Instructor Certification Supplement
David Burch

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Lesson 88 Terminology

Select a term,then click



Online Course
Instructor Certification Supplement
General Instructions
Use the “Print Lesson/Quiz” link on the left to print a copy of this Quiz. Then work the Quiz offline and record your answers on your printed copy. Some questions have links needed to answer the questions but they do not print, so check them out and make notes as needed. Periodically, needed links are in the Special Instructions for a quiz.

When you have all of the answers completed on the printed copy, login to the Quiz again, fill out your answers online, make another print so you have a copy of what you submitted, then submit.

Quizzes must be submitted in order, and only once per quiz. Once your quiz has been graded, and you have your email notice of that, you have access to the solutions to that quiz from the My Account link (on the left here, and other places in the classroom).

Please note that question numbers are in numerical order, but not necessarily sequential. SOME QUESTION NUMBERS MAY BE MISSING—it is like buoy numbers in a channel, always in order, but not necessarily in sequence!

IN88-0001 (wt 1)
Your sounder transducer is located 2 ft below the water level, and the sounder reads 30 ft. At the same time you look up the tide to be 8 ft. What is the charted depth at your location?

IN88-0002 (wt 1)
We have 3 typical tide patterns in the US: diurnal, semidiurnal, and mixed-semidiurnal. What is the typical tide pattern at (A) US West Coast, (B) US East Coast, (C) US Gulf Coast

IN88-0003 (wt 1)
Describe briefly the difference between semidiurnal and mixed semidiurnal.

IN88-0004 (wt 1)
Briefly describe 3 different ways to find your position from just one charted object that is prominent with known height.

IN88-0005 (wt 1)
Why is a fix from 3 bearings 120º apart more accurate than one from 3 bearings 60º apart?

IN88-0006 (wt 3)
Working with ENC:
We will use our textbook Introduction to Electronic Chart Navigation, along with a custom set of echarts called Training_Region_echarts. This is a zipped set of both RNC and ENC in the region of the chart 18465TR that we use in the course. Download these from Using OpenCPN or the program of your choice, answer these questions from the book or the charts

(A) in the chart name US5WA16M, what does the 5 signify

(B) looking at US5WA16M, there is a rock about 0.3 nmi NE of McCurdy Point. What type of rock is that? Does the RNC tell us anything more about it?

(C) Using your nav program and not any books, what is the nearest tide station to that rock?

IN88-0007 (wt 2)
Each ENC has a fixed number of depth contours. The depths used vary from one ENC to the next.

(A) How do we know what these native contours are for chart US5WA16M

(B) what are the first 4 of these you see on the ENC, starting with the shallowest? Check your work with a cursor pick of the depth areas going out from the shore line.

IN88-0008 (wt 2)
Referring to the text Introduction to Electronic Chart Navigation:

(A) What is the difference between safety contour and safety depth. Note that OpenCPN does not offer a way to input the safety depth and simply sets it equal to the value of the safety contour. Try the program qtVlm if you want to see the difference.

(B) what is the most conspicuous indication of the safety depth?

IN88-0009 (wt 2)
Review in the book how we find Mean High Water on an ENC, and

(A) from the ENC, what the MHW is near Dungeness, halfway between Port Angeles and Port Townsend.

(B) does this MHW agree with what you read from the RNC?

IN88-0010 (wt 1)
Use the NCC tool, to make two printable charts for Squim Bay. Make then 17" x 22" one covers the whole bay (1:25,000) and the other focus on the entrance (1:10,000). The online tool is at: which includes video demos of the process. The final products will be under 2 MB each and can be emailed to

End of IN88

Please be sure to read the instructions at the top of this page
before submitting the quiz!

From: Starpath, Seattle, WA

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