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National Marine Electronics Association. A professional organization of marine electronics manufacturers, sellers, and related industries, as well as interested parties. This organization has established the standards for digital output data (format and voltages) for marine electronics so that various instruments can be conveniently interconnected (interfaced or networked) to perform various computations and share information for display.

One such popular standard is called "NMEA 0183" which strings together selected data into various alphanumeric sentences. The GLL sentence, for example, includes latitude, longitude, and UTC. The VTG sentence includes COG and SOG.

The NMEA publishes a monthly magazine called "Marine Electronics" which is a valuable source of current developments in the field. It is a membership publication, but many marine electronics stores receive it and it is online in full each month.

A popular version for new or upgraded installations is NMEA 2000, called N2k. We have a detailed article online: Introduction to NMEA 2000, with a refresher on NMEA 0183.

Weather Trainer users, refer to AM-1407.

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