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Pub 249 - v1

A special volume of the Pub. 249 Sight Reduction Tables (spiral bound with a red spine tape) that is used for precomputing (planning) star sights, and then for sight reduction of these sights. Regardless of what other tables or calculators are used for the final sight reductions, this first volume of Pub. 249 should be on board for the planning stage. There are other ways to do the sight reductions once the sights are done, but this book is one of the best ways to plan what sights to take in the first place. Unlike volumes 2 and 3, however, this volume must be purchased every 5 years or so since the star positions change slightly over the years.

The US Gov no longer produces this book. Commercial copies are available in paperback at a cost of paperback at a cost about $28. It appears that PDF copies of this book are no longer available. Note that unlike Pub 249 Vol 2 and 3, this book does indeed go out of date. Check the Epoch on the cover to be sure it is still useful. Outdated ones will not work.

The book is published every 5 years on even 5's and each is valid for 4 years. So a given year will appear in two consecutive Epochs.

See Precomputation and Sight Reduction.

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