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Pub 249 - v2 and v3

Sight reduction tables (spiral bound with white and blue spine tapes) for sun, moon, and planets, and any star with declination less than 30, north or south. The answers are given to the nearest whole minute, which implies a precision of 0.5'. This precision limit, however, will rarely if ever place a limitation on the practical accuracy of a celestial fix. A sharp pencil is more important. Most sailors who rely on celestial navigation find this set of tables to be the best choice for sight reduction, or the best back-up to a calculator. Volume 2 covers north or south latitudes of 0 to 40, Volume 3 covers 39 to 89.

Official governement hard copy editions sell for about $47 per volume (about 40 of Latitude per volume), commercial copies in paperback (slightly reduced in size) cost about $20 per volume. Note that these do not go out of date. If you find some in a used bookstore or swap meet for a good price, they will do the job just fine. See Sight Reduction and Sight Reduction Tables.

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