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U.S. Navy Operational Global Ocean Model (NCOM) is a numerical ocean model for predicting surface currents and SST. It is a high-resolution model (2 nmi between data points, compared to 5 for RTOFS). The forecasts go out 3 days, with forecasts every 3hr. The model forecasts are updated once a day. Wherever NCOM data are available, they are likely to be superior to the base RTOFS forecasts or any other model.

There are NCOM forecasts for the US East Coast down in to the Caribbean, and a version for the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, one for Hawaii waters, and one for the West Coast of CA and Baja.

These forecasts are not so readily available as those of RTOFS. Luckgrib for Mac or iOS are convenient sources of the data on land or at sea. The popular PC navigation program Expedition also includes all NCOM regions in the MyGrib/NOAA OPC section.

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