Starpath eNav Trainer is a combined GPS and AIS simulator that lets you drive your own vessel realistically along any waterway in the world, interacting with live or packaged AIS traffic, or amongst others as a group, using your own charts and navigation sofware. Multiple users with the same or different echart programs can study together from remote locations with their own vessels appearing as AIS targets to the others. Options are available for individual, group, or classroom applications, including live simulated VHF radio communications between participants. Environmental settings can add current to the waterway to enhance the training experience.

With this service, users can learn, practice, and master the use of personal or corporate echart software along any waterway in the world, practice driving in traffic, following routes in currents, use CPA info from AIS interactions to practice the Nav Rules, carry out docking or rendezvous maneuvers, and much more.

Please see the Instructions and other links above for details.

Vessels can be controled by Mac or PC computers, or by iOS or Android phones and tablets.



How to Master Electronic Chart Navigation with the Starpath eNav Trainer

Video example of a set up

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