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Interactive True Wind Calculator Freeware
As a public service to mariners and as a way to promote our other products and services, Starpath is happy to provide free of charge a very convenient Windows program that computes true wind from apparent and plots the vector triangles.

Starpath TrueWind Java version
Here is a java version that you can run online now to see what the installed program will look like. The download version, however, is a very compact C++ program that is more efficient than this preview version. (Java version does not work on a Mac... if we ever have time we will work on this, but this was all PC work from the past.)

TrueWind Help and Discussion
This is the help and discussion file that is installed with the program. It includes a discussion of the role of true wind along with instructions on solving the problem by plotting or by calculator (neither of which is, of course, as convenient as this program).

Download Starpath TrueWind for Windows.
This is the actual program. Works on any Windows OS. Includes the Help file. It is a small program. You can save and execute the installer or just Run and install from a temporary directory. A clean uninstaller is provided that removes all traces if you choose not to keep it.

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