Starpath ebooks in Kindle format

As of 2013, we are making our printed books available in Amazon's Kindle format, which is very convenient not just for dedicated Kindle Readers but also for free Kindle apps for PCs, Macs, Tablets, and phones.

The links below take you to the source of these books at Amazon. Each has a short preview of the contents of the book that you can read right on the computer screen (check out the images in the Plastic Sextants book), or send a sample to your favorite Kindle device to evaluate readability. One purchase allows loading onto all of your devices, and your bookmarks and highlights stay in sync across your devices.

As you see below, we are not done with the conversions, but we have sorted out the bugs and working hard to make our highly illustrated texts work on a Kindle. The illustrations show up in the right place, and then you can double tap them to zoom and pan for details. Most reference tables are legible as is after zooming, but as we learn the needs, we will add links to allow a pdf download of any tables used frequently by the books.

Kindle ebooks can only be purchased at Amazon. The links below take you to a place to review a sample and purchase the books.

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Star Finder Book

Inland and Coastal Navigation, 2nd Edition

Navigation Workbook 1210 Tr

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View book at Amazon

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How to Use Plastic Sextants

Modern Marine Weather

Burch at the Helm

Barometer Handbook
Burch at the Helm

Annotated Nav Rules

Other Starpath titles
Secrets of the Viking Navigators Haitian Pick-up Polar Dream
Printed copies of the above books are available in most cases. Some include a Windows ebook with the purchase.