Free Resources for those studying the Nav Rules
created by Starpath and donated to the maritime community

Annotated Rules Contents Includes brief description of what each Rule covers. This info is not in the official Contents, which is just Rule number and name with no description or subparts.

Canadian Modifications to the Colregs A handy stand alone module that shows all Modifications marked in red.

Official statement of the US Inland Rules From the CFRs as of June 2015. Significant changes were in Aug, 2014.

Quick Study—Steering and Sailing Rules only COLREGS Part B. The 12 short pages that cover "right of way." The main idea is to show that these basics are not long and complex, which we might fear from seeing the whole book of Rules.

New August 2014 edition of the Rules, now called Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook  (check with the USCG Navcen if this does not work. They may rename this link as they find and fix typos)

Typos and updates to August 2014 edition of the Rules  (These errors, published in Nov 2014, persisted in printed copies for about 6 months... best to just buy a new copy as there were other corrections since then.


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Nav Rules Trainer The stand alone PC app that we use in our online Nav Rules course.

Annotated Navigation Rules Distinctions between COLREGS and US Inland Rules, color coded to indicate the significance of the difference. Available in several inexpensive ebook formats. Very valuable for those who sail in both waters or are studying for a US deck license.

Purchase printed copy of USCG Navigation Rules

Purchase printed copy of Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road