Starpath Privacy Policy site visitors
No information about users or their computers or their network connections is collected by Starpath when viewing pages at, nor are any cookies used.

Starpath mobile apps for iOS or Android
None of our apps (StarpPilot, Marine Barometer, Marine Barograph) collect any personal or device information during their usage. Any location information stored in the app is exclusively for the use of the operator.

Purchases made at
We do not use accounts when making purchases. All are individual transactions.

When any item from our catalog is added to the shopping cart, a cookie is set in your computer to keep track of your ongoing order. That cookie is permanently removed when you close your connection to

During an online purchase we collect the billing name, address, phone number, and email of the purchaser, along with any different ship-to address. If the transaction is completed, we retain that information along with a list of the items purchased. If the items were assigned a serial number, we also retain those serial numbers. These records serve as a proof of purchase that can be confirmed with us to the customer in the future as needed. This information is all held private and has never been nor ever will be distributed to any third party.

Payment information. When credit card information (name, number, expiration date, and security code) are entered into our online forms when completing a purchase, that information is transferred by secure connections directly to the credit card processing company and on to your bank, but this information is not stored on our system in any manner. We only retain the last 4 digits of your credit card in order to help identify a purchase at the customer's request. For completed purchases, the IP address of the computer connection in use by the customer is also stored in our records for security purposes. This number has no personal information associated with it.

Online Students and Webcard holders
To take part in our online training services, a participant must possess a valid "webcard." This is our terminology meaning you have been assigned a username and password that gives you access to specific training resources on our site, including the online courses.

A webcard requires the user to enter a first and last name, choose a username, and provide a valid email address. No other information is required, nor collected. Users have the option of adding a location and screen name to their account, which would be displayed during their participation in an online course or when posting questions to discussion forums. Users have direct access to their accounts with the option to change all related information to their account except the username. They can also request that their account be removed from our system.

During participation in an online course, we record the history of your quiz scores, which are stored permanently for user's future reference.

When logged into an online course, a cookie is set in your computer to indicate a successful login. That cookie is removed from your computer when you leave the website.

All stored information is available to the customer and can be deleted if requested. Any and all records we have for any customer are available upon request and could be removed if requested. We retain the course information because the courses are ongoing and students can return to them long after the course was completed. Course tuition is a onetime purchase, but an active webcard is required to participate in the courses or view past records. To keep your course records organized, it is best to use the same username for all courses.

For further information, contact [email protected]