Use this page to register WebCards purchased individually and for cards obtained with Starpath product purchases. Read more about WebCards
You must have a SERIAL NUMBER from any qualifying Starpath product, or from a WebCard purchased individually. To activate your WebCard, simply fill out and submit this registration form. The registration process will assign the correct card category for the serial number you use.
Each serial number can be used only one time. If you have more than one serial number, register the first one to activate your WebCard account. You may then register the second one at any later time--the total time of both will be assigned to your WebCard account.

Extending your WebCard time before it expires...
To extend your WebCard account simply purchase another card (any level) or register again using a serial number from any qualifying Starpath product. The time on your present card plus the new card will be assigned to your WebCard account. Be sure to check "renewal" at right when you register the second card.
      To activate or renew your WebCard, fill out this form

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Select a Permanent Username for your WebCard account below.

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You can change this later if you choose using the options tab.

Enter your Present Username and Password. Check "renewal" below.

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