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How To Use Plastic Sextants


David Burch

An ebook edition is included with the online celestial course.

There is a typo on page 91. End of glossary entry for "Refraction," should read: "(10’ at 5°, then 5’ at 10°, and 1’ at 45°) in normal temperature and pressure."

There is a typo on page 8. Second paragraph, first sentence should read: "The next step is to adjust the tilt of the horizon mirror to move the two stars together horizontally."

Article on Solar Index Correction.

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Source for small order of Baader Solar filters. We are told this link sells 1.25" circle of Baadar filter material for only $4.00, $1.00 S/H. Otherwise it is some $40 for a letter size sheet plus shipping. This material is recommend in the book for making sun shades for doing accurate solar index measurements.

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