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Latest surface Analysis (interactive schedules to compare NMC and KVM70.
( Below is what you see by radiofax underway. Click here to see new alternative w. Lat-Lon grid by direct download. )
Review of OPC map types
Latest Visible satellite image                                    
Scatterometer Data

Latest 48h Forecast Latest 96h Forecast
Latest tropical map Cyclone Warning (Mariners 1-2-3 rule)

Latest 500mb Latest 500mb - 48h

Latest GFS Wind Forecasts from University of Hawaii. Click the map to step through the forecasts.

For full array of US model predicitons, see NCEP Model Guidance, then choose EPAC, and look at

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Hawaii Channel Winds fromthe back of MSC-13. The winds do seem to focus and enhance as shown
on this rouch plot.

MSC Channel Winds Icon

Marine Weather Services chart of HI is no longer available, but you can compile all the information needed
from the link below, which also serves as an index to many valuable wx resources.

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Ship reports available underway by email as explained at

You can test this by clicking near the center of the circles on the right. These will bring to you by return email all ship reports within 300 nmi of the center location over the past 6h.

Text forecasts

San Pedro to Saata Catalina (PZZ655)

Santa Catalina to St. Nicholas (PZZ676)

60 to 150 nmi off shore (PZZ840)

150 to 250 nmi offshore (PZZ940)

     North Pacific (Metarea XII)

Honolulu out 240 nmi (PHZ180)

North shore of Maui and Molokai (PHZ117)

Molokai Channel (PHZ116)

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Ship Reports

July Averages

Climatic data

The left shows the avergage pressure pattern for July along with 9 years of averaged scatterometer wind data,
which agree well with the historic average isobars. The pressures are from the Mariners Pressure Atlas; the QuikSCAT data are from the COGOW site of Oregon State University. Needless to say, though these are the avarages, the chances of actually sailing in the average conditions is relatively small, at least outside of the trades. The statistical variation of these data will be presented in a forthcoming post.


References (see also Transpac Weather and Tactics by Stan Honey)



Starpath Custom Pacific Briefing for use underway