Almanac data for sun and stars valid till 2050

Long Term Almanac
by Dr. Geoffrey Kolbe

ISBN 9780914025108
Second Edition, paperback, 111 pages, 7"x10"
Starpath Publications, 2008

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Nautical almanac data for the sun and selected stars valid until 2050, plus easy to use, concise sight reduction (same tables used in the US-UK Annual Nautical Almanac) and altitude correction tables. Plus work forms to make the process even easier. A concise one-book solution for celestial navigation. It takes a few extra steps to get GHA and dec with the Long Term Almanac, since it does it without the usual 10 pounds of reference books, but with practice it takes just a few minutes longer than normal almanac look up.

All the information you need for

Finding your position from timed sextant sights
Checking your compass by celestial bearings
Computing great circle routes to your destination

Important instructions, examples, and workforms

With a sextant, watch, and this book alone you can navigate worldwide till 2050, with essentially the same accuracy you would obtain with any set of tables or almanacs.

Below are samples of finding GHA and declination using the Long Term Almanac

For more examples and sample tables, please see these detailed notes from our online celestial navigation course where we teach the use of these tables at the end of the course. LTA annotation, examples, and forms.
There is also a very neat analemma rendition in these notes
that we made for the Emergency Navigation book.


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