This is a new book, so we do not have updates.

Later we will add links to related articles and videos on electronic chart navigation,

and update any links in the book that might change.





1. We can already add this: in passing we recommended downloading NOAA's US Chart No.1 to your phone, but that is not quite so transparent an operation without practice, and it is browser dependent. The problem is the pdf opens up in the browser and not all mobile devices have a way to save it. 

One solution is download it on a computer and then mail it to yourself and the mail program will do the interfacing for you—that is, it will ask how you want to open the attachment. Then choose to open in iBooks, Kindle, or Adobe Digital Editions. (If you do not have one of those readers, they are all free downloads.) These readers then store it in their resprective libraries, and then you can make your own organized bookmarks and annotations, and it is easy to get to. There are no bookmarks in the original. The graphic index is the last page.