Workforms for celestial navigation

Pad of 70 forms, which may be reproduced for personal use by those who have purchased one

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This pad of forms is the same one we inlcude with our homestudy celestial nav course. It includes 5 pages of complete instructions and examples of each, plus these forms:

  • 40 samples of Form 104 (on 10 sheets)
    for sight reduction by Pub 249 or 229

  • 20 samples of Form 106 (on 5 sheets)
    for sight reduction by the NAO sight reduction tables

  • 10 samples of Form 107 (on 5 sheets)
    for noon sights (LAN prediction and reduction to latitude).

If you want our celestial course in the smallest possible nut shell, these forms would be it. The purchase of one set entitles you to reproduce them for further personal use.

We draw your attention especially to Form 106 which we have designed for use with the NAO sight reduction tables that appear in all copies of the Nautical Almanac as of 1989. This form makes the use of these tables almost as fast as conventional inspection tables such as Pub. 229 or Pub. 249 not quite, but almost. These NAO tables should be considered as a serious viable option for sight reduction these days since in reality celestial is often a back-up to sight reduction by calculator, which in turn is just a back-up to GPS.

With this reality in mind, there is a definite attraction to this approach to sight reduction, since you need only purchase one book to cover all of celestial navigation, which you can in turn put in a plastic bag and stow till you lose the calculator or just need to brush up.

These NAO tables are very popular with our students (even after learning with Pub. 249) and they will indeed do the job well. I stress this because there have been magazine reviews of the NAO tables which berate them. Those authors, however, have not taken the time to learn the tables, and they clearly have not had access to our forms, which are a vast improvement over the Almanac's instructions. We provide a complete set of new (graphic) instructions with the forms. We agree the Almanac instructions are difficult.


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