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Bosuns Locker
Secondhand and new but slightly blemished navigation equipment at bargain prices
Fischer Precision Aneroid Barometer
The best of the best. Used by navies, weather services, and prudent mariners worldwide.
Ten-Point Spacing Dividers
A luxury tool, now at an affordable price
GPS Backup Kit
A bare minimum package for ocean navigation without GPS.
USB Barometer
High accuracy, low price. For any Nav app, or use our free Marine Barograph app, Mac or PC.
Astra IIIb Sextant
from China, the world's most popular sextant
Davis Mark 3 Plastic Sextant
For coastal piloting and celestial navigation.
dAISy AIS Receiver
Low-cost, miniature AIS Receiver
Davis Plastic Sextant Case
Plastic case for Davis sextants.
3x telescope for Mark 15 sextant
Replacement 3x telescope for Mark 15 sextant
Davis Mark 15 Plastic Sextant
For coastal piloting and celestial navigation.
Davis Mark 25 Plastic Sextant
for coastal piloting and celestial navigation.
Artificial Horizon
For taking sextant sights without a natural horizon.
Split Horizon Replacement Mirror
Split horizon mirror for a Davis Mk15 or 25.
Training Chart 1210 Tr
Marthas Vineyard To Block Island Traing Chart
Training Chart 18465 Tr
18465tr Training Chart for use with Starpath Inland and Coastal Navigation course
2102-D Star Finder
plastic plates, 12'' diameter, in sturdy case
StarPilot-89 Navigation Calculator
The state of the art solution to navigation computations in a hand-held calculator.
Emergency Navigation Card
8.5 x 11 in, 30 mil laminated vinyl, printed both sides, water resistant.
Sling Psychrometer
Accurate measure of dew point and relative humidity
Starpath Caps
Durable, functional, and good looking too! The first thing to hide if you ever get lost!
Starpath Coffee Mug
A nice mug at a nice price.
Workforms for celestial navigation
For All Sights and Tables, with Complete Instructions and Examples.
Universal Plotting Sheets
Pad of 50 sheets, printed both sides
Smart Mark
Ideal for reading in short intervals
Hockey Puck Bearing Compass
The original 'hockey puck' compass, popular for more than 30 years. Durable and accurate.
Navigator's tool pack
the full set of tools we recommend
Four-power lighted magnifier
Lighted hand-held magnifier... winner of our testing.
Parallel Rulers
the classic method of drawing one line parallel to another
Chart Magnifier
Self focusing, light gathering, 4x power chart magnifier.
Ultra Light Dividers
the model of choice among professional navigators
Douglas Navigation protractor
360 design, has many applications
Navigation Protractor Triangles
Provides a straightforward method of plotting and performing chart work.
15 inch Ruler w/ Protractor
Marked in tenths for convenient vector plotting.
Weems Parallel plotter
a rolling plotter alternative to parallel rulers
Protective case for Starpilot
Waterproof Protective case for your Starpilot calculator.
Barometer Calibration Service
Increase the value and functionality of your barometer.
The Fischer Precision Instrument Collection
Precision Fischer instruments to match and supplement their world famous barometer.
7x35 Sextant Telescope
7x35 Sextant telescope to enhance sun and moon sights and improve index corrections
Three Arm Protractor
The quickest and easiest solution to precision piloting
Radar Plotting Sheets
Radar Plotting Sheets
Replacement Leads
Replacement leads for dividers and compasses.
celestial weather plotting sheets and forms miscellaneous all accessories ebooks
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