For use with Starpath Inland and Coastal Navigation course

Training Chart 18465 Tr

Chart 18465tr Training Chart

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Chart no 18465tr is identical to the 1995 edition of chart 18465, Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is just locked in time so schools can build practice problems using its nav aids and know they will not change. Training charts cost less than the latest paper chart price, which is now about $24.

* * * The charts we offer here are the last of the original lithographic printed charts. These charts are now available from NOAA outlets only as print on demand for prices varying from $13 to $15.

The image above shows the region that this training chart represents.

The chart is shipped folded in order to lower shipping costs, and it will most likely be folded eventually anyway. However, if you would like it shipped unfolded we can do this for additional fee of $5.00. If you would like this option, please add it here: Add $5 for rolled shipping.

If you care to see the entire chart online, see the new NOAA chart viewer (all NOAA echarts are now public domain).

If you can get by with an echart, then recall that all NOAA echarts are now available at no charge. We have set up a convenient link to get you there:

Our full set of workbooks:
Using Chart 18465 Tr Using Chart 1210 Tr Practice Underway


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